Started by a dentist in Oxford, Mississippi in 1989, McAlister’s Deli is focused on bringing southern hospitality as well as serving up a “unique menu with sandwiches, salads [and] spuds,” (McAlister’s Deli).  Since its start in the 80s, McAlister’s “became known for [their] great food, large portions, wide variety, and a welcoming environment… also one heck of a glass of sweet tea,” (McAlister’s Deli).

McAlister’s Deli currently has over 400 locations throughout 28 states and has plans to expand into college markets as well as the Southeast (and even beyond).  Everything at McAlister’s is made with the “finest ingredients, deliver[ed] handcrafted with [their] special touch, and always made-to-order,” (McAlister’s Deli).

McAlister’s believes in giving back to their surrounding communities through charity work, donations, volunteering and more.  Autism Speaks is one of the organizations they’ve aligned and partnered with.  Autism Speaks meets the criteria McAlister’s believes is important in a charity: they make a difference, they help families within the community and, lastly, are a “true partner”.  Through their partnership, the “Cookies for a Cause” program was started which works to raise money for the organization through cookie sales (McAlister’s Charity Work).

As of 2005, McAlister’s Deli is owned and operated by FOCUS Brands, a leading developer of global foodservice franchise systems. President, Joe Guith, was named as such earlier this year and was previously COO and President of Cinnabon, Inc., another one of FOCUS Brands’ franchises.


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