Founded in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1981, TCBY opened under the name The Country’s Best Yogurt and was the first frozen yogurt shop.  It didn’t take long, just about a year actually, for TCBY to start offering franchising opportunities and has since grown to over 360 locations throughout the United States.  Nearly twenty years after opening the brand decided to join the Mrs. Fields ® Famous Brands team.

Opened with the vision and mission to offer those inclined to partake in a sweet treat with an option that has “nutritional benefits as well as great taste,” (TCBY). At TCBY, you’re able to enjoy vegan, GMO-free, protein-rich, gluten-free and dairy-free desserts, and for even more nutritional value, Super FroYo is available, which offers fiber, protein, calcium and Vitamin D as well as more calorie friendly options.  For more information on TCBY’s ingredients, click here.


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