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Starting out as a local grocer in 1934, Hendrik Meijer opened the first Meijer location out of his barber shop located in Greenville, Michigan.  After he decided in 1962 to invent a one stop shopping experience by opening Meijer Thrifty Acres, described as a “food and general merchandise store” the Meijer family continues today to adhere to their founding values: “... take care of your customers, team members, and community… and all of those will take care of you, just like a family.”

Meijer is now considered a rapidly growing retail supercenter, with over 200 locations and more than 65,000 employees.  Their locations include a full grocery department as well as, sited on their website, 40 additional departments including pharmacy, home decor, fashion, automotive, electronics, and health and beauty care, just to name a few.  With brothers Hank and Doug Meijer holding the position of co-chairmen, Meijer remains a privately-held company.

In addition to the ever growing list of good and services offered at Meijer’s, they have also began to take the real estate world by storm.  Meijer is always looking to expand their list of locations as well as offer outlots, pad sites and in-store space to other retailers.  This allows for great exposure to the already established customer population that frequent their local Meijer store.  In Store tenant space is offered to retailers including, but not limited to, banks, credit unions, restaurants, hair salons, nail salons and more.

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