7-Eleven is planning to take up an abandoned gasoline and service station at 800 Central Avenue under a new proposal.

Appearing on behalf of 7-Eleven representatives at a board meeting three plans were conceptualized. However the Board made recommendations that were not binding at that time. According to them 7-Eleven should come to get their site plan approved before they start working on the property.

7-Eleven has yet not filed for a plan application for approval. Attorney Howard Geneslaw and licensed professional engineer James Henry of Dynamic Engineering in a meeting on August 3 stated that 7-Eleven proposes to use the vacant space as a convenient store with parking facility and the size of the store will be half the size of what is allowed by the code.

It is in the process of buying the property from the current owner, Cumberland Farms. It would be operated as a corporate-owned store as opposed to a franchised one. However the environmental status of the site remains uncertain.  The store would operate 24/7. One or two tractor trailer deliveries can be limited to an eight hour window in the evenings when the store is less busy. Some adjustments have to be made for a parking from the main building, trash enclosure in the side yard and loading has to be done in the front yard so that residences are not disturbed. It has also planned to put decorative plants and grass to make it look complete and inviting.

Subsequently James Henry has identified some nearby properties which they plan to renovate and convert them into large green buffer adjacent to the residences near to Grove Street. A loading zone on Central Avenue and a trash enclosure on the east side of the building is also being proposed.

A second and a third plan conceptualizes that concrete be used in front of the building instead of asphalt and that the store be centrally located close to the intersection of Central and Grove, while parking, a driveway and loading would be closer to residential areas.

Westfield already has 7-Eleven located at 1200 South Avenue West. 7-Eleven has opened 14 stores in New Jersey in 2014 and expects to open 18 more this year. They expect to do good business with these new projects.