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Bahama Breeze Island Grille is a Caribbean style restaurant from their cuisine and tropical drinks to their decor and atmosphere.  Opening their doors in 1996 in Orlando, Florida under Darden Restaurants, Bahama Breeze has since grown to 37 locations nationwide, with $212 million in annual sales and plans for 75-100 potential locations.

With a check average of $26, the menu boasts dishes including "seafood, chicken, and steak, inspired by the flavorful and colorful ingredients of the islands," (Darden Website).  Specific dishes that the menu lists are Jerk Chicken Pasta, Baby Back Ribs, and Seafood Paella.

Like all of Darden's restaurants, Bahama Breeze takes community involvement and charity to heart as they participate in food donation to local food pantries, banks, shelters and charitable organizations on a weekly basis.  Unserved food is prepared and packaged and donated.  Since starting their donations in 2003, Bahama Breeze has donated 400,000 pounds of food.

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