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Business Profile:

Dunham’s Sports, owned by Dunham’s Athleisure Corporation, was founded in 1937 in Waterford, MI as a small bait and tackle shop, but has since expanded to a repertoire including all sporting goods, including but not limited to, “a full line of traditional sporting goods and athletic equipment as well as a wide variety of active and casual sports apparel and footwear,” (dunhamssports.com).

In an article published by The Oakland Press, in their Outdoor Recreation section, Ron Dunham, founder, although no longer affiliated with Dunham’s as of 1953 (he sold the company), recounts how the business got started: “he set up an old bathtub by the side of Northwestern Highway near Telegraph Road, filled it with minnows and told his wife to try and sell them.  When Dunham returned from his job cutting grass at local golf courses, he discovered Ethel had made $18." 

Since then, Dunham’s has grown to over 230 locations throughout the country and thrives on their motto: Big Names Low Prices.

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