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FOCUS Brands Inc. is an Atlanta, Georgia based global franchiser and operator of six multi-channel foodservice brands, including: Auntie Anne’s, Carvel, Cinnabon, McAlister’s Deli, Moe’s Southwest Grill and Schlotzsky’s.  With nearly 5,500 locations throughout 54 counties, FOCUS Brands is committed to serving their customers the best quality, nutritious, affordable and sustainably grown food. The company is currently being lead by CEO, Steve DeSutter, with the vision to “be a leading developer of global multi-channel foodservice brands,” (

Additionally, it is important to FOCUS Brands to foster the future of those who work for them.  By participating in charitable organizations, non-profit partnerships and “providing lifelong skills and career opportunities,” FOCUS Brands works towards creating opportunities for people to live better.

FOCUS Brands is committed to bettering the communities in which their businesses reside.  Through hard work and partnerships with suppliers, charitable organizations and associates to energize, better, develop and strengthen their surrounding communities.  In addition to philanthropic causes in the community, the environment and animal welfare are also important aspects of FOCUS’ business practices, shown by sourcing goods responsibly and dedication to the well-being and humane treatment of animals.

FOCUS Brands is consistently looking for new franchise opportunities and partnerships around the world.  Each of FOCUS’ franchises has specifications regarding desirable locations, expansion area, and prospective partners.  For more information on each brand’s franchising requirements and general franchising information, click here.

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