Photo May 26, 11 15 48 AMIn this economic climate of recession and low commodity prices, falling interest rates for bank deposits, many see future in securing their money by investing in real estate.

When an emergency situation strikes, having the required financial backing in advance ensures that you can get back on track easily.

So, investing in real estate is a great way to spread out the risk. Building a real estate business can ensure a financial future that can meet all future needs to retire with enough money and live comfortably.

Real estate will remain a good investment option as prices do not fluctuate. The term “secure future” means different things to different people. But fundamentally, it is all about retiring with enough money for living comfortably.

There are aspirations to fulfill, such as travelling, sending children to universities and paying the bills on time.

To the question, how to secure future by investing in real estate let us understand that financial exigencies can strike anyone, anytime. It may come in the form of calamities like disease, death, divorce, or job loss. That is why financial strategies are essential in ensuring that a secure financial plank is supported that can give as much freedom as possible.

Within the real estate sector, the residential segment is steadily rising in value. Here the returns will not diminish, as the demand-supply gap and potential for investment will stand in good stead.

Many experts say that the wide gap between demand and supply in residential real estate will remain and the prices reigning prices will stay high.

Property prices have already outperformed equities, gold, currency, and bonds.

In real estate, all that the investors will need is patience to allow appreciation to rise. Real estate as an investment option will be great if investors exercise caution and wait for the best time to resell.

Location always matters in real estate investments. Before forking down a big payment and taking a big mortgage loan, be self-assured that it is in a good location.

When buying property, look for the worst house on the best street. The worst house on the best street is a better opportunity to build equity. With some extra work to fix it, you can sell it as a ready-to-move-in house in a fabulous location. The method is called fixing and flipping.

Also look for buying wholesale properties offered at a steep discount. In such properties, the investment will offer a return of three times the initial price as soon as the investment is maximized by extra renovation.

If pre-launch properties are the target, work with well-branded developers. Ideally, an investment property will offer a capital appreciation of minimum 10 percent per annum.

Invest in a growing area: Always invest in a growing location. For middle-class persons, the cost of property in a posh area will be unaffordable.

But a small sized property in posh areas can be bought. Make sure to buy the property in allocation, where “pull” factors are in abundance. Proximity to schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, multiplex, malls and transport hubs can increase the attraction to the property. As demand ups, the value of the investment will automatically grow up.



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