APhoto Mar 01, 11 16 25 AM picture is worth a thousand words.  Usually a phrase one uses when referring to art or tabloids, but it’s also applicable to commercial real estate marketing brochures.  The photograph that appears on the front of a marketing brochure can truly shape the future of that listing.  But, what goes into making a great cover picture for a marketing brochure?  Let’s explore the best tips and tricks for street retail marketing brochure photographs.

Street retail can be a tough sell or an easy sell.  Your marketing brochure, if created correctly, will help ensure you lease that space in record time.  But aside from the standard information that should be included on your marketing brochure, there is one sure fire way to get a viewer's attention, and that’s with a stellar picture featuring the vacant space.

With that said… There are a couple of routes one could go when deciding on the best picture to feature your street retail space on your marketing brochure, all of which can be taken by you.

Head On Shot

The head on shot can be quite effective when showcasing a street retail space.  This type of photograph is effective for a couple of different reasons.  First off, it shows the viewer what the outside of the space actually looks like - windows, door, frontage and at times, the two nextdoor neighbors.  Secondly, it gives an accurate depiction of it’s condition - from the outside at least.  You get an idea of the sidewalk and it’s immediate surroundings.  

Slightly Askew

Showing a perspective shot, perhaps if the space is a corner location, or if you simply cannot get the entire space in a great head on shot, can be another great option.  It will still show the frontage, condition of the outside of the premises, windows and perhaps the neighboring retailers.

Inside the Space

There are times when showing the outside of the space isn’t the best idea - this isn’t a common occurrence, but does happen once in blue moon.  In some urban settings, there is retail space on multiple story levels.  If a space is on the second floor, or higher, it’s possible that a picture (or pictures) showcasing the actual space is more beneficial to the marketing brochure than showing the outside of the building.  It’s also great to use if you’re not showcasing a plain vanilla shell.  If the space is a restaurant space, for example, it’s a good idea to show the condition of the inside (especially if it’s in good condition) as there is more to look at.

Adding Additional Photograph

Many brokers or real estate salesperson often focus on the exterior photographs as a way to enhance their marketing brochures, but utilizing a combination of exterior and interior photographs can lead to a better deal, less wasted time and a more efficient marketing brochure.  When other brokers, salespersons or clients are viewing your marketing brochure, the more information and visuals, the better.  They will be able to make a better decision on if the space is right for them, if they would like to visit the space, what questions they need to ask to get a better understanding of the spaces’ amenities, etc.  Although I do think it’s important to show both interior and exterior photographs, does that not mean your entire marketing brochure should be made of pictures; you don’t want to overwhelm people who are going to view it.  Only the best photographs and the ones that give an accurate and true insight into what the space is like should be included.

Now, even though we all (or most of us) have fabulous smartphones with great cameras, which can be used to snap pictures in a pinch, it’s still a good idea to invest in a good camera to take listing photographs.  That doesn’t mean you need an expensive camera either, especially for close up shots like street retail spaces usually require.  Here are some beginner, intermediate and advanced cameras that CREHQ would recommend, and the best part?  They’re all available on Amazon.com!

Beginner Cameras

These are the best cameras for everyday, point and shoot use.  They are super easy to use, have great reviews and tend to be more affordable.

Intermediate Cameras

The Nikon D3300 offers more perks than the above point and shoot cameras.  This camera has a wide lense, can take up to 60 frames per second, colors are “real”/as they appear in real life, and the pixels allow for extremely crisp and clear photographs.  Although this camera does not have a touch screen, it is still user friendly, can is compatible with many additional lense sizes.  Over 500 people have reviewed this camera on Amazon earning it a 4.5/5 star rating!

Advanced Cameras

With over 600 customer reviews on Amazon.com, the Canon EOS 70D is rated with 4.5 stars and we can definitely see why.  Although it is an advanced level camera, it is user friendly and takes great pictures, and just incase you want to punch up your listing online, videos are also crystal clear, and has WIFI capabilities for instant uploading.