Albuquerque will soon get many new slurpees. 14 Convenience stores in New Mexico have been acquired from Roberts Oil Co. This deal was made by Alon Brands the largest U.S Licensee for 7-Eleven (Members may find 7-Eleven real estate requirements and contact information here). The company has decided to give them a new leash of life as they have plans on re-branding them as ALON/7-Eleven Locations.

Alon Brands announced that the deal would include 10 stores in Albuquerque and some others in Los Lunas, Moriarty, Mountainair and Socorro though they declined to reveal the Purchase Price.

Eric Corley, regional manager for Alon Brands in Albuquerque said in a news release that the expansion plan in Albuquerque would mark a significant investment in the Albuquerque region.

The company has strived not only to increase the Alon/7-Eleven presence by more than 50 percent, which in itself is a great achievement on the other side it has also remodeled all the locations in the area to suit the customers tastes and needs. It has also built a brand new store in Rio rancho. The company seeks to strengthen their relation with the customers in Albuquerque a take the community a few notches higher.

In an interview with Karon Roberts she says that the decision to sell was not an easy one after serving the Albuquerque community for more than 40 years however Alon Brands intends to retain the employees of Roberts Oil. She is confident that their employees and customers would benefit from this move and would love to see the positive changes ALON/7-Eleven brings to the stores all across Albuquerque.