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Started in 2003 under the Darden Restaurant, Inc. umbrella, Seasons 52 is a much different concept from most restaurants, let alone those at Darden.  Seasons 52 is categorized as a "fresh grill and wine bar that invites guests to discover what's good now through seasonally inspired cooking and a selection of carefully curated wines," (, which calls to those looking to dine out while minimizing their impact on the environment.  The chain currently has 41 locations throughout the United States and boasts $241 million in annual sales.

Seasons 52 appeals to those most interested in seasonal, farmer's market, ranchers, artisans and local growers freshness and seasonality.  Additionally, over 52 wines by the glass are available to pair with the eclectic menu offerings.  In a vastly different layout from typical restaurants, Seasons 52 boasts an open kitchen complete with a brick oven and a "casually sophisticated atmosphere."

While Seasons 52 pays close attention to their environmental impact, they are also aware of the needs of their surrounding communities.  Since 2007, Seasons 52 has packaged, froze and donated 420,000 pounds of unserved, surplus food to local food banks, pantries, shelters, and charitable organizations nationwide.

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