Business is pouring in Onslow County, NC and Walmart is not alone. Walmart has recently opened in Richlands with another one in the pipeline for Swansboro. They already have two Walmart Supercenter stores in Jacksonville and a Walmart Neighborhood Market is expected to soon come up at 4250 Western Blvd. This will be the first Neighborhood Market in the area which has already started hiring employees and is expected to start working in December.

Store Manager, Dwyne Batin says that Walmart is planning to hire up to 95 employees for the new location and will hire both full time and part time. They would like to employ Associates and Veterans. Jacksonville community will get a new grocery option. The store will guarantee to offer a job to any eligible U.S. veteran honorably discharged from active duty since the company launched the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment on Memorial Day 2013. In addition applicants must meet the standard hiring criteria.

Ryan King, planning and permitting administrator with the City of Jacksonville says that Walmart will also open a fuel station and shops have already been proposed just adjacent to the building that look like a typical strip center. Some other big companies will also open up gradually. Burlington Coat Factory, located at 2082 Gateway Drive South, is scheduled to open Oct. 15 and brings between 50-100 new jobs to the city. Burlington Coat Factory's spokeswoman Lauren Flanagan said that the growth of the area was a major attraction and Burlington takes great pride in opening new stores so that families can shop affordably.

They were happy to create jobs and also provide shoppers a new shopping destination where they would buy at affordable rates. Adjacent to Burlington Coat Factory will be a Rack Room Shoes however everyone is eager to know which stores will be in the front of the new stores.  The units are being built as a shell, but it still remains unclear what businesses will move in there.

Construction on a new Verizon store at the corner of Gateway North and Western is coming up while a new Starbucks is getting ready to open up near Mission BBQ on Western Boulevard.

Ryan King says that there is a lot going on. New car washes are also being planned. There will be a new car wash on Western Boulevard across from Carolina Forest and face-lifts at two other car washes in the city of Jacksonville.

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