Nordstrom Rack has announced that it is planning to open a new store in Tuczon, Arizona. Wilmot plaza, owned by B.P Plaza will be inaugurating the Retail Giant sometime during spring of 2016. It will have an estimated size of 25,000 Sq Ft.

The retail giant will join other retail majors such as TJ Maxx and Dick's Sporting Goods in the Wilmot Plaza shopping center which is expected to increase foot traffic and make it a profitable place for the existing businesses converting it into an upscale place. Wilmot Plaza will approximately utilize about 140,000 square feet of retail space when the shopping center is fully developed. It is also strategically located at the intersection of Broadway Boulevard and Wilmot Road near Park Place Mall. It will cover a huge area of about 10-acre when the Mall becomes fully functional.

President of Nordstrom Rack, Geevy Thomas says that they are happy to offer their customers a second place in Tucson where they can shop for exclusive brands at more attractive prices. They are hopeful that not only would the old customers love the experience but new customers would also be introduced to a whole new world of new age Retail shopping.

This development will mark a new beginning in bringing a Rack store to Wilmot Plaza as it is set to serve the eastern half of the market and southern Arizona. The new store will be the seventh in Arizona and the second in Tucson.

At present, the company operates 304 outlets across 38 U.S. states and Canada, including 118 full-line stores; two Jeffrey boutiques; 178 Nordstrom Racks; and one clearance store.