The following article contains information on Family Dollar new store development criteria and Real Estate Contacts as well as site and building plans.

Family Dollar logo

Family Dollar logo

Site and Building criteria provided:

  • Building size
  • Building requirements
  • Parking space
  • Visibility
  • Accessibility
  • Location type

Contact Information Provided:

  • Contact Form
  • Email

Contractor Information Provided:

  • Types of contractors used
  • Requirements
  • Project sizes
  • Information to work with Family Dollar

Why You Should Lease to Family Dollar

  1. Family Dollar takes an aggressive approach to opening new store locations, specializing in speedy approval, fast lease completion, timely construction, and a 10-day time span to fully outfit each store. This means that landlords collect rent sooner than most retailers provide.
  2. Family Dollar was established in 1959 and currently operates 8,000+ stores as a sign of its success.
  3. Rent is computerized to arrive at, or prior to, the 10th of each month. Removing any hassle from collecting rent.
  4. Family Dollar carries limited long-term debt, with landlords easily capable of beneficial financing from lenders with it as a tenant.
  5. Family Dollar can lease space and cover all renovations for a reduced rent. This means landlords can save cash without investing or borrowing money to complete a deal.
  6. Most Family Dollars see over 2,000 customers a week, with co-tenants gaining just as much exposure.
  7. Family Dollar offers a wide range of merchandise, meaning it can complement any sort of shopping center's mix of vendors.
  8. Frequent co-tenants include just about any sort of store or vendor, be it for products or services, that come to mind when considering low-middle income customers.
  9. Family Dollar rarely closes its stores, and landlords with low tenant turnover usually have a high cash flow within its shopping complex.
  10. Family Dollar has strong operating procedures, meaning that landlords can rest easy in the knowledge that any store bearing its name will be run professionally with modern equipment.

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